Advantage Of Cheap Housing For Young People

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As an example, if you are paying a thousand pounds for rent and you want to be a homeowner by paying this amount as a housing loan, the average price for this house is 240 TL. In other words, the maximum amount of the loan you can use from the bank for the house will be about 190 thousand TL. With 50.000 TL down payment and 0,90% interest rate, you can be home owner with 2.595 pounds monthly installments per 10 years.


At the end of 10 years the total cost of the house will be 365 thousand TL together with other expenses. In this period of time there will be no payment for the rent of 175 thousand liras which is not returned in 10 years. The difference of 190 thousand pounds between the cost of the house and the rental price will be your house purchase price. In addition to this, as the value of the house you have acquired has increased in 10 years, you will certainly gain from it if you get rid of it and buy it with credit.


It is beneficial for home buyers who want to be homeowners with cheaper prices to follow pre-sale periods of new projects. Projects have lower initial prices than land, possibility to make a premium when the house becomes available, possibility to choose the desired floor and apartment, and advantageous payment facilities at the beginning make new projects more interesting.


With a house or project where you want to buy a house, you have to research continuously and sell for a certain period of time, you may encounter.

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