Advantages of Selling A Real Estate Without Real Estate Agents

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The settlements are busy, the real estate agent is boiling, the international real estate companies are giving franchise in Turkey, they are opening an office on the office. On the other hand, we see that almost everybody is a real estate agent for sale as a seller or buyer. Only 20% of the properties for sale on are for sale. However, we see that 90% of the real estate that has been on the market for sale has been sold after a while and they are sold through real estate companies. Why do these owners sell for sale through real estate agents, what are the advantages of trying to sell a real estate without using them? When should I sell my house?


Advantages of Private Seats

1 – Control is entirely up to you:

Real estate is the most valuable asset that individuals have. You have to trust this person, the person you will authorize for the sale. If you do not have such a person to trust, it is difficult to trust a person from the real estate sector, which experiences many negative experiences. That's why you can feel yourself having to see your own business.

2 – Property specific information:

The most detailed information about real estate possesses property owner. An estate agent may not know as much as you about the past, the properties, the neighbors, the facilities in the vicinity.

3 – You can try different price levels:

If you do not have the hassle of selling and you do not have enough money on the value of the real estate, you can check out the market with prices at the top level. Certainly you will not get caught.

4 – The commission will not pay:

Realtors and real estate consultants work with commissions or service fees between 1% and 3%. You do not pay these amounts when you do marketing and sales yourself.

5 – Attract buyers who do not want to work with intermediaries:

Some buyers have limited time, they want to work with real estate agents to reach a quick result. Some buyers are looking for buying at the most reasonable price. These people think that they will buy the real estate at a more reasonable price by taking the car out and negotiating with them.

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