Afghans Have Bought 1600 Objects Of Real Estate In Turkey

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Sale of real estate to foreign buyers is one of the priorities of the Turkish economy. At the same time, according to statistical reports, residents in more than ten countries have invested in the construction sector. Despite the fact that the percentage of the total volume of property purchases in 2016 decreased almost doubled. In general, the number of housing objects that are bought by foreigners is about 20,000, of who about 2000 objects with the land plots.


Nevertheless, we can note a significant increase in purchases of some nationalities. So for example, the citizens of Afghanistan took fourth place in the ranking of foreign property buyers, overtaking in this case Kuwait and Russia. According to statistics, Afghans have bought more than 620 thousand square meters of housing in 2016, thus hitting the top of five countries that are property buyers. The leaders of the list for the second year in a row are Iraqis.

Another new country in the list was Lebanon. So it is estimated that Lebanese citizens have bought about 170 thousand square meters of housing in Turkey. The percentage of purchases of other Persian Gulf countries as a whole fell by almost 1%. And the United Arab Emirates and the United States dislodged from the buyers list in 2016.

Leader in sales of objects of real estate is Istanbul. During this period of time it was bought around 6500 objects of real estate. On the second place is Antalya. Here have been bought about five thousand objects of housing.

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