After Referendum, Expatriates Have Attacked For Real Estates

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Turkish people living in Europe have begun to make some investments on the houses and flats.

One of the most important turning point, date for 16th of April referendum, have accelerated 5 million peoples’ lives in Europe by changing the habits of investments.

During referendum, Expatriates in Germany and Holland acquire some offenses and disagreements with these countries in European Union owing to some natives’ attitudes in both countries. Therefore, expatriates had to get offend to both. That’s why, the expatriates have started to purchase houses and real estates by making long term investments on the lands of Turkey, which directs them to Turkey. Especially, Agean and Marmara region besides south beaches have been attracted by many expatriates through the rise of real estate offers.


The first reason to buy a flat in Turkey is claimed to be opposition to Islam in the west, which results in Turkey’s policy of isolation.

Projebeyaz sells real estates in almost all the parts of Turkey. International executive board chairman of Projebeyaz, Murat Uzun claims that real estates’ demands stem from expatriates in a surprising way. Furthermore, he adds that they begin to visit their offices and call them out of ordinary. In addition, Real Estate Office in Germany has been filled with the people who are expatriates, demanding to buy new estates and questioning the markets.

Mr. Uzun explains that expatriates prefer to make some investments on İzmir and Aegean Region. Besides, he adds that they would like to buy 2+1 or 3+1 houses. Therefore, Uzun says that all the data depicts that expatriates have just retired and decided to come back Turkey.

In 2016, Holland bought 217 houses from Turkey. While the people in Belgium purchased 198 houses from Turkey.In 2017, Sweden preferred 58 houses and then expatriates living deeply in Holland and Germany followed all these countries one by one.

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