After The Frightening Earthquake The Urban Transformation Pick Up Speed

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Few days ago an earthquake happened in İstanbul. After that natural disaster the urban transformation accelerate. The municipality of Gaziosmanpaşa had pull down 5 different buildings with 120 flat in total in the name of urban transformation. After the earthquake which intensity was 6.2 and showed up itself in İstanbul and Ege region, had once again come to mind the idea of urban transformation. After that every municipality in Turkey which had already carried into effect the urban transformation projects had accelerated them. Till now the destruction of 450 houses in 750 had finished.


Stage Project

According to the second stage project 1600 houses will be constructed and all of them will be ecologically friendly and will be composed of better livable environment. The second stage project is a projects which is made contractually with the community dwellers. According to the agreement 800 of the houses will be unstuck for the people whom houses get destroyed in the urban transformation.


The Earthquake Came in Useful

According to Hasan Tahsin Usta who is the city father of Gaziosmanpaşa the earthquake had trigger the urban transformation project. He also mentioned that in the recent years people around Turkey are really afraid of an earthquake.


For this reason we have to make our buildings stronger and enduring. If our houses was durable and solid we will not be afraid of an earthquake. One of the citizen named as Kasım çavuşoğlu had also agreed with Hasan Tahsin Usta.

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