After The Terrorist Attacks, The Tourism Industry Is Shaken With The Cancellation Of Reservations…

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 It looks like; in the center of Ankara and Istanbul in Beyoglu and Sultanahmet terror bombing events will create a very serious economic loss for Turkey. Especially Beyoglu and Sultanahmet square are the most popular and crowded areas for tourism.


In the last 6 months, in the central region 6. act of terrorism caused to closing home of the residents of the city, allows tourists to cause the cancellation of the booking. Before healing the wounds of the explosion in the Sultanahmet Square, this time Taksim, Beyoğlu is with the explosion crippling cancellations in the tourism sector reached 80%, the occupancy rates have fallen to 40%.


Tourists from regions outside the Middle East, bombings of terror attacks are much more heavily affected because they are not accustomed to. Almost all of the tourists who do not cancel a reservation in a hotel, as Arab tourists as is being pointed out.


According to the data of TURSAB Istanbul in the most affected province is shown from a cancellation. Antalya and Ankara is watching after Istanbul. After Baku, Istanbul is the second route for the very first time, in the European list of biggest decline in occupancy. Especially in Istanbul room prices and despite a decline in revenues, the cancellation of booking is still continues.

The-Tourism -Industry -Is -Shaken

In Turkey, booking cancellations is not only meaning for “tourism loss of revenue “. It means, because of the booking cancellation, hotels should discharge from employment in the long term and it will affect unemployment data directly.

In the month of January 2016 in Antalya, there was a temporary rise in bookings to the hotel. However, this rise because of an increase in the number of tourists is not even in the season most hotels was due to the activity ceasing. Meaning, some big tourism group hotels in the area is giving customers to their single hotel lodging and shutting other hotels of activities to avoid further damage stopped.


Russia is sending many tourists to the big hotels and resorts in the Antalya region, but in the recent Turkey-Russia crisis, the crisis is much more effect than the terrorist attacks and caused to cancellation of the booking.

Turkey January 2016 hotel availability, 2015 per cent compared to the same period of the year of 6.2% with a decline of 47.6 percent was recorded. It was 50.7 per cent in January 2015. There are concerns that this figure is even lower in the case of an increase of terrorist incidents.

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