Ali Agaoglu Heads To Izmir For New Housing Projects

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After Rönesans Holding, Türkerler Holding and DAP Holding, it was stated that the famous businessman Ali Agaoglu was prepared for housing projects in İzmir. Ağaoğlu interviewed at the opening of the fair.


First of all, Rönesans Holding, Türkerler Holding, and DAP Holding have decided to invest in Izmir this year. After the gigantic groups, the famous businessman Ali Agaoglu started to wink at İzmir. It was alleged that Ali Agaoglu, who attended the opening of the İzmir International Fair, started negotiations with the authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality on investment projects in Izmir.


It is stated that Ağaoğlu's close relations with the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality started with the opening of the fair, while the places in question are hidden as secrets to prevent speculation in the regions to be invested. It was learned that Ali Ağaoğlu showed interest in Bornova region with the new city center in İzmir and got information about this region.

Finally, the famous businessman Ali Ağaoğlu, who has signed gigantic projects in Istanbul, is said to have a green light for investment in Izmir. Ağaoğlu's interest in investments at the opening of the fair, especially in the new city center and Bornova region has gained interest.


In 2016, 30 thousand people migrated from Istanbul and Ankara to Izmir. It is also known that the prices of housing projects built in İzmir are more attractive than Istanbul and Ankara, although this increase is attributed to the fact that İzmir is cheaper and has a higher quality of life. It is stated that the launches made by İzmir construction companies especially in Istanbul are effective in the flow of investment towards İzmir.


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