Anadolu Popularity In The House

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The decrease in land stocks in the metropolises and the increase in construction costs caused the companies operating in this area to focus on different cities. The projects developed on the tendered lots with the assurance of Real Estate Housing REIT of many ilde interest the middle income group which wants to be a host. For a while, the income situation in Anatolia is preferred by investors who are able to buy housing.


Those who see that the prices have risen excessively in Istanbul now prefer to evaluate their savings in Anatolia. Investors who see the installment amounts as cheaper than the projects in Istanbul started to examine the activities of firms that produce trustable branded houses.


Real Estate Housing REIT which produces many houses with good quality but suitable payment conditions for middle income group such as İstanbul, İzmir, Kocaeli and Tekirdağ to date has been established in İzmir, Tekirdağ, Bursa, Balıkesir, Eskişehir, Denizli, Konya, Niğde, Nevşehir and Yalova began to evaluate the land inventory in new projects. Real Estate Housing opened to Anatolia and trying to overcome the high price increase problem in Istanbul was a new opportunity door for construction firms. The projects preferred by investors, who think that they will not buy a house in the face of high pricing in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir real estate market, were tendered and offered for sale.


Starting with Sofa Loca in Ankara, General Director of Real Estate Housing REIT Murat Kurum said “With our Anakara project, we continued our activities on spreading the brand and trust of Emlak Konut to Anatolia. Now we also provide quality and trust in our homes in Anatolia. We will continue our activities in Anatolia in the short and medium term as a strong Real Estate Housing, benefiting both the buyer of the house and giving it to its shareholders.”

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