Ankara Is The Leader In Resıdentıal Sales

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Ankara is the city that increased its sales by 12.5 percent among the first 5 provinces sold in Turkey with 84,788 houses in 2017, while it increased sales by 23.9 percent in 2017, already left behind.


Planned Settlement Regions in Ankara

Evaluating housing sales statistics, AKFEN Construction Chairman Selim Akın noted that the better investment climate in the past urned out to be in housing sales. "The growth rate of 12.5 percent recorded in the first 7 months of the year between January and July shows that the future of the housing market in Ankara is reliable especially in the capital city with the continuation of new housing projects and the premium potential in real estate. We think that watching is evidence of this, "he said.


Leader in Housing Sales at Ankara

In the January-July period of 2017, the capital city of Ankara became the leader with a sales rate of 12.5 percent in 20 thousand houses in 5 cities (Ankara, Bursa, İstanbul, İzmir and Antalya). In the first 7 months of last year, Ankara, where 75 thousand 337 dwellings were sold, increased by 12.5 percent this year to 84 thousand 788.


Referring to the fact that planned residential areas such as Eskisehir Road, İncek, Yaşamkent and Çayyolu have important place in the rise of Ankara in real estate, Selim Akin stated that planned cities are a new concept for the capital and said that the projects that are passed on are very appreciated by the families.


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