Another Giant Project is Coming! Ilgaz Tunnel Opens

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Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım announced the opening of Ilgaz Tunnel, a 130-year-old dream on December 26.

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım spoke at the opening ceremony of the Forest and Water Affairs Society held at Beştepe Millet Culture and Convention Center.


Binali Yıldırım explains that Turkey’s gigantic works are being served in this year. “All this shows that low-level terrorist organizations try to do whatever they want to do. Turkey, this saint nation will never return from civilization. We bring many works to my country. We do not identify any obstacles in this path. We do not give as much credit to the fate of the inward and outward treachery that wants to stop Turkey.  What terror wants is to slow down the life and spoil people’s morale. We will not be afraid of terror. We will continue the fight against terrorism. We will continue our journey on the path of development, prosperity and confidence in Turkey’s achievement of the goals of 2023, “he said.

Giving information about the services the AK Party has given since the day it came to power, Binali Yıldırım, ” In the past, no project could be done, now we have forgotten those days. There are so many works done now that there is no time or no possibility to open one by one. For that reason, we are giving service to our nationality with such massive openings of 50 ‘s. On Monday, we will open a great work of Turkey again. The dream of 130 years is becoming reality. Ilgaz tunnels enter service. Two tunnels, 6.5 kilometers each. We completed it in 2.5 years with a 13 kilometer tunnel. We completed the 3 thousand meter Bolu Mountain tunnel in 17 years. 3 thousand meters in 17 years, 2.5 thousand years, 13 thousand meters, “he said.

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