Apartments in Fortis Istanbul are guaranteed the immediate rent for 36 months!

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Fortis Istanbul, where Yiğit Group has been put is located on a land area of ​​14 thousand 523 thousand square meters and a construction area of ​​69 thousand square meters.


Completed with a total investment of 192 million TL, Fortis Istanbul consists of three blocks of 20 storeys and 705 residences. Fortis Istanbul promises a brand new life in its new center with its 58 square meters 1 + 0, 86 square meters 1 + 1, 90 square meters 1 + 1 B and 125 square meters 2 + 1 apartment options and the amenities.

A total of 6 acres of landscaping area, 21 street shops, 1200 m2 botanical garden are located in the project area.

In addition to the 36 months rent guarantee opportunity in the delivery offices of Fortis Istanbul, 36 months maturity installment opportunity is offered.


Residences in Fortis Istanbul, which stands out by its location on the metro, metrobus and other transportation vehicles within walking distance, just 5 minutes away from the Ataturk Airport and 5 minutes from the Florian coast, can also be used as a home office.

Among the social facilities offered by the Fortis Istanbul project to host, children's play areas, sauna, fitness center, restaurant,the indoor swimming pool, the turkish bath, the cafe, the security with camera.

Bot Taxi transportation will be applied as in Venice, which will be filled with sea water at Ayamama, just in front of the project.

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