Arabs Show Great Interest to Turkish Real Estate

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President of The Institute of Consumer Law Arabic Real Estate Investors Comission, Hüseyin Sami Caprak says: “ We estimate that the number of the real estate property which will be sold to Arabs might be around 15.000 later this year” by stating that 10.863 houses have been sold to Arabs and this number is almost half of the number of the houses which have been sold to the foreigner investors.

Caprak, in his statement, has evaluated the data broadcasted by TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute).

While stating that they expected Arabs to buy 2.000 houses more, in November and December, last year, says “ This expectation has been exceedingly satisfied with 2.243 house sales.”.

Caprak stated that 22.991 houses have been sold to the foreigner in 2015. He says: “ 4.000 real estates more have been sold compared to last year. This shows that the interest in real estate has been gradually increasing. On yearly basis, 10.863 houses have been sold to Arabs and this is almost equal to the half of the total number of houses which have been sold to the foreign investors.”.

Iraqis Take the Lead

Caprak, emphazising that Turkey is an attractive country in terms of real property sales, also says: “ Iraq takes the lead in the list of foreign investors, preferring our country with 4.227 house sales, in 2015. The list continues with, respectively, Saudi Arabia with 2.704 houses, Kuwait with 2.130, Libya with 427, The United Arab Emirates with 332, Egypt with 318, Qatar with 277, Jordan with 243 and lastly, Yemen with 231 house sales. Arab investors prefer buying real property mostly in Istanbul, Bursa and Yalova. Although we have come to an impasse with Russia, Russian investors have bought 286 houses more during the last quarter of 2015.

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