Are You Ready For The Urban Transformation?

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With the earthquake that reminds us of ourselves in the past days; it is thought that we will increase our efforts to get faster and more results in transformation. Some of the projects that have been deceived in some areas declared as urban transformation areas still do not get licenses.

After the earthquake of August 17, 1999, when the city of Marmara lost its lives and about 20 thousand people lost their lives, only 20 thousand of the 3 million buildings were renewed together with urban transformation in Istanbul. 2 million households are still at risk and under threat of demolition.

The 2013 targets for Urban Transformation have been achieved, but many risky structures are anticipating compromises due to disputes that have arisen in the areas of transformation that have begun.


What Do You Need To Do If You Want To Defeat Your Building With Urban Transformation?

If you think that your building is at risk and you need to be taken to the renovation process, you should first contact the Ministry's competent authorities. If you appeal to the Earthquake Risk Report from the institutions authorized by the Ministry, they come to you from the foundation and audit the building by taking samples. If it is determined that it is really risky, you get your Earthquake Risk Report. After this phase which will take about one week, your report is reached by the Ministry and the Provincial Directorate, and with their approval, the building is within the scope of conversion within 3 weeks.


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