Arrangements made in the New Development Regulation!

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What changes were made in which items before the new Zoning Regulation went into effect? Here are the regulations that are made in the New Development Regulation

The day before the entry into force of the Regulation, the latest amendments were made on 30 September 2017 under the regulation. So what are the regulations in the new Zoning Directive? Which items in the regulation have changed?


1- The definition of "Atrium" changed
The first paragraph (e) of Article 4 of the Planned Area Development Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated July 3, 2017 and numbered 30113 has been amended as follows.

"E) Atrium: The distance between two opposing long sides, which is opened as two or more floors in common and occupied by common bulk in the building mass, shall not exceed less than 3.00 meters and shall be covered by the floor of the basement, hollow volumes, "

2- Non-standard areas have been rearranged
The eighth paragraph of Article 5 of the same Regulation has been amended as follows.
"(8) the sum of all non-arbitrary areas that may be brought up by the 22nd article or by the zoning regulations of the respective administrations; the total area of ​​the parcel may not exceed 30 percent of the total area.
But; 6 meters square of the fire safety hall with the minimum area of ​​the protected fireplace meridian and the protected corridor outside the normal marble, which is required to be done in accordance with the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from the Fire which is put into force by the Decree of the Council of Ministers dated 27/11/2007 and numbered 2007/12937 common spaces on the ground floor are laid out, spaces required for public buildings such as open car parks, conference, sports, cinema and theater halls which are made in the garden for the need of construction are made in the basement floors of the buildings with minimum dimensions at each floor of the atrium spaces,

a) 2 times of compulsory parking spaces,
b) Minimum areas calculated according to the relevant legislation, standards or this Regulation of bunker, elevator gaps, merlopens, bacalar, shafts, skylights, heat and installation areas, fuel and water reservoirs, generator and energy rooms,
c) 10% of the gross area of ​​the residential use independent section, warehouse extensions that do not exceed 50% of the gross area of ​​the commercial use independent section,
ç) 150 square meters of common area mosque and outbuildings, 300 square meters of non-residential buildings,
d) All the plazas are to be completely buried and common area; parking areas and fully buried common areas specified on the 22nd floor,
e) A total of 100 square meters of common area playgrounds and child care units, which are free of commercial purposes, are exclusive except for this account. "
3- Uses not to be included in the floor area have been rearranged
The paragraphs (b) and (d) of the eighth paragraph of Article 20 of the same Regulation have been amended as follows, the same paragraph (i) has been removed from the exercise.
"B) Not to be constructed as an independent section or as an extension of an independent section, not integrated with the main bearing systems of the building, not exceeding 20% ​​of the yard area; pavilion, porch, porch, outdoor swimming and ornamental pool, "
"D) Marpen house and fire safety halls, which are located in the escape route except the normal merpen, which are required by the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire and Fire,
4- Changes were made in usage not included in the account of the floors area
(F), (e), (g), (h), (i), (j), (k) and (l) of the first paragraph of Article 22 of the same Regulation have been amended as follows: he has been removed from force.
"B) common area roof gardens on the last floor,"
"Ç) The minimum number of concierge units envisaged in this Regulation shall be"

"E) mosque and outbuildings in the form of common area,"
"Ğ) Children's playgrounds and childcare units, which have no commercial purpose and are a common area,

"H) Parking spaces,"
"I) The areas of the building or facility belonging to the heating, cooling, installation area, water tank, ventilation systems and energy efficiency systems, treatment plant, gray water collection pool, fuel and water reservoirs, silos, chamber, coal, heat exchanger and hydrofoil sections, "
"J) All the plazas are completely exposed to the basement floors under the ground; does not constitute a standalone part, does not have a commercial purpose, does not constitute an add-on part or part of an independent part, and has a floor area of ​​1000 m2 and a total floor area of ​​5%

"K) All portholes are partially exposed to basement floors, partially exposed, not located in basement floors without road surface, do not cause an additional floor appearance on building facades, warehouse attachments belonging to independent sections of residential and commercial use, "
"L) Excluding balconies and openings, including covered gardens and terraces, inner gardens, open or closed merlot houses including floors and intermediate floors, single self-contained residences, including those enclosed with removable-folding glass panels; building entrance halls and floor halls and elevator fronts, "

5- Regulations were made on the garden streets
The paragraphs (ç), (f), (g) and (ğ) of the first paragraph of Article 23 of the same Regulation have been amended as follows.
"Ç) Side and back garden distances; is raised by 0.50 meters for each floor above 4 floors in buildings with more than four floors, including basements remaining on natural or level floors. This provision does not apply to the parking lot of the parcels on the neighboring fronts. "
"F) Provisions for increasing the side and back garden distances 0.50 meters depending on the floor name in this Regulation may be applied by evaluating each floor separately.
g) If the building has a minimum apparent height of 60.50 meters or more on the natural floor or the leveling floor of the building, unless otherwise provided in the plan of implementation; at least 15.00 meters from the front, side and rear parcel border. 0.50 meters are added to the front, side and back garden distances for each floor which increases after 60.50 meters height.
i) If the very high structure rises on a low mass main mass, the distance between the parcel boundary and the nearest point of the main building can be reduced by 10.00 meters. If the building height including the main mass height is 60.50 meters, the distance between the ascending block and the parcel boundary is at least 15.00 meters, and 0.50 meters is added for each floor which increases after 60.50 meters height. The main mass expressed in this article is; maximum 5 floors and the floor is determined based on the lowest floor of the building. If there is more than one building at a height of 60.50 meters in a parcel, the distance between the buildings is 20.00 meters and 0.50 meters is added to this distance for every additional 3.00 meters height after 60.50 meters height. According to this paragraph, the pull distances that need to be left over can be accomplished by making one or several folds together and making the building gradual. "
6- Door and window dimensions changed
The first paragraph (b) of Article 39 of the same Regulation has been amended as follows.
"B) The clear widths of the doors are 1.50 meters from the entrance doors of the building and 1.00 meters from the wing if the doors are double-winged,
7- Regulations were made on construction license transactions of independent blocks in the same parcel
The ninth paragraph of Article 55 of the same Regulation has been amended as follows.
"(9) One of the independent blocks in the same parcel; the amendments made on the condition that the land shares, the common areas, the locations of the blocks in the parcel, the block area, the construction site, the height and the purpose of use of the independent sections of the parcels are changed and only the approval of the amended block owners is applied. In one of the independent sections in a building; alteration of the construction site, use of the site, use of wet spaces, common areas, land shares of other independent sections, common structural elements such as walls and floors with other independent sections, modification of the building system characteristics and safety of the building and fire safety. the applicant of the independent section malikin made is sufficient and the application is made without the consent of the other owners. However, in the case of independent sections determined by the relevant administration concerned with this renovation, the consent of the owners of these independent sections shall be obtained. "

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