Asia Scores 10 Points To Europe

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According to the published new index of housing prices by REIDIN-GYODER, since January 2010 in Istanbul, Asian housing projects have been rated 10.4 points higher than in Europe.

The rise in house prices continued in April. According to the report houses prices in April rose by 0.46 percent, 2.71 percent compared to the same period last year.


In April, in Istanbul, the rate rose of 0.50 percent for projects in the housing sector, located on the Asian side of Istanbul. In housing projects located in the European part of Istanbul, prices increased by 0.23 percent. According to the initial period of the index, Asian projects in Istanbul grew by 10.4 points compared to the European side of Istanbul.

In assessing annual growth rates, three provinces were noted, where the prices of residential houses for sale were the highest in Balikesir (28.10%), Tekirdag (21.41) and Chanakkale (19.37). At annual rates, prices for rented houses were the highest in Balikesir (20.83), Aydin (18.54) and Yozgat (17.03).


In April, the rental price per square meter increased by 2.02 percent, and Edirne became the city where rental rates were the highest. Isparta was the city with the lowest rent during this period with a rate of 2 percent.


In March, the utilization rate of bank loans was 33 percent, the excise rate was 31 percent, and the down payment rate was 36 percent. 38 percent of homes sold in April were completed, and 62 percent were unfinished housing projects.

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