At 6 Articles, How Must We Choose Our Cottage?

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Summer on personal needs and diversity of choice, both in the region and have a lot of alternatives, can be difficult to decide. Their primary selection factor to be taken from the area of the cottage to be sold before depreciation in financial need. Safety, low maintenance costs and fees other important factors.

During this period movements seen in the sale of summer houses, the important choice to be made based on what the home buyers. Both regions, as well as points that should be considered within the scope of choice to be used for what purpose the summer sale as an alternative to the diversity seen in terms of project… When the summer, according to experts first considered investing selected from a region that does not lose value with foresight can be sold one day and, if need be in a new building

Keklik said when you get an apartment, while an important factor which was passed as follows :


1- Have you stayed short-term or long-term?

Regional analysis necessary to determine the needs, while up above the cottage. Is retirement years, you are not only effective in the mold of 3-6 months or a few weeks holiday cottage choice you are using. While the region as summer gets home, you need to analyze, is close to the city or away from the city…

2-Select the lower the price you do not have transportation problems

Regional election undoubtedly different needs of each home buyers. That much closer to the city near the sea or you can choose to be close to the green. As a result, if you will not walk into the sea in summer is that you need to go overboard with the vehicle then the price is affordable and the sea, we recommend that you take away a lot because ultimately it does not matter where the moment you switch on the car ‘s ignition. For example, suppose the sea 500 meters or 5 km away from the two regions. Either way here if you provide transport by car, 500 meters from the house is 5 km away, for example 200,000 and better than another. It is important to run the car at that moment will realize the 500 meters at 5 km. But it will notice where the price is too.

3) If it has garden, increase the maintenance costs and security

Summer will have less costs than the apartment detached house. However, in case your expenses will be more than the house is detached. The cottage is in a circle and will be less than the costs of both security problem. However, in case of single-family homes caretaker costs, maintenance costs, other safety measures will be even more costly.


4) Do you fit the profile neighbor?

Neighborhood in the summer is very important. All day, because of grumpy neighbors, your children can not enter the pool… it is very important to analyze your neighbor profile. The house is very important to take your neighbor’s neighbor who takes, this is the same for both houses and apartments. If your neighbor’s lifestyle or the children being noisy is sure to turn you back from your holiday in peace so tormented. You will take time for your summer people to be on the same wavelength with you, pay attention to at least be close to your culture, your mutual pleasure we advise partners.


5 ) Is there someone will be responsible for safety ?

If you get detached cottage gardeners, cleaning staff, there are times when you need to pay attention to if this site is not having someone to come and check the site from time to time is not how to provide safety…


6 ) Do you have the infrastructure construction problem?

Unfortunately in our country it is attacked coastlines review of quality and cheap construction firms are also experiencing difficulties, especially because of the poor quality of construction in summer. Even so, this style made ​​in old building (electricity, water, insulation, roofing, etc.) problems are so materialistic values ​​will reach a summer cottage in nearly changed hands for many years. It has taken the necessary regulations and permits for construction? For example, contrary to the amended plan built cottage are creating difficulties. Terrace projections, indoor deviation , etc. annoy you terribly.

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