Ataturk Airport to be Moved by AKOM

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The opening of the 3rd Airport, which is under construction in Istanbul, is expected. Ataturk Airport, which continues to actively serve, will be moved to the new airport. In the moving process, AKOM will take over the charge. Construction of the new airport, one of the biggest investments on transportation, continues at the fastest speed. The opening date for the new airport, which is still uncertain about the name, is October 29, 2018. It is expected that the opening of new airport, which will happen in Republic Day, will be quite magnificent.


At the opening of the 3rd airport, the State Airports Authority of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications is in charge. According to the news, one of the most important steps of working is shown as the relocation of Ataturk Airport. The ministry and the Governorship of Istanbul are working together in the relocation process. All of the stakeholders involved in aircraft, airline operations and passenger service have been moved. Information systems, buses, forklifts, crawler vehicles, cargo vehicles, and the transport of thousands of equipments will be moved.

Some companies that will be working at the airport are planning to go with the new equipment and some companies will continue to serve with the their old equipments. An intensive work is being carried out with the commencement of the movements. The Ministry and the Governorship of Istanbul are working diligently to ensure that no problems occur on the first day of service. A Disaster Coordination Center was also appointed to provide the main force in the move. AKOM has begun to help companies to prepare for relocations and aims to complete the preparatory process by 20 October 2018. A significant number of transport equipment and vehicles are planned to be transported in one night. The relocation process is also closely monitored by the World Civil Aviation Authority. On the night of the move, the Basın Ekspress Road will be used and the road will be closed to vehicle traffic.

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