Attention! Credit Receivables For Disaster-prone Buildings

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The upper limit of the loans to be purchased for disaster risky buildings was increased. The decision of the Council of Ministers on the amendment was published in the Official Gazette.


Accordingly, in the loans extended to real and legal persons for the purpose of building and acquiring housing and work places within the scope of the Law Concerning the Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Relief, the upper limit of the loan principal amount to be provided with interest support was increased from 100 thousand to 125 thousand.


Previously, on behalf of a rights holder on behalf of the total amount of credit will be provided 500 thousand pounds, while the said amount of re-determined as 625 thousand pounds. Under the amendment, the rate of interest support and the upper limit of the principal amount of the loan will be applied throughout the loan period and will not be changed based on the historical values ​​provided by the loan. Rights holders; Construction, and acquisition credits from both the private account of the conversion projects established at the same time as the banks and from the bank.

The decision will be effective 01.01.2016. Interest support will be applied to the loans from banks until 31 December 2016.


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