Attention to the Expertise Report!

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You will buy a house loan while you are in the real estate assessment is done by CMB licensed experts. As long as these experts join, it is called expertise process. The appraisal process plays an important role in determining the amount of credit along with being one of the most curious topics of our visit to your dream home with a home loan.


According to the mortgage law, this appraisal must be carried out by independent organizations. Banks are buying this service from impartial real estate appraisal companies as required by law. In other words, the expert who is worthy of the house is the employee of the bank, not an employee of the bank. The appointed appraiser must be a licensed home appraisal specialist or a licensed real estate appraisal appraiser. Otherwise, the value to be deducted for your dwelling may be lower than expected, and you may be more likely to experience difficulties in subsequent operations.As the expertise report will determine the amount of credit you can use, be absolutely sure of what you are assessing before the report phase. The elements to be searched by Raporda expert are as follows: – Building’s identity / open address- Who it belongs to / Type- How many years, how old is he?- Zoning- Physical condition of the property – Reputation

80% of the value to be determined in the reports will be given to you as a loan from the bank. So make sure the report is prepared properly. The knowledge of how many floors the building is, especially how old, affects the expert report. On the other hand, if the chapter about zoning is also filled in full, you need to make sure that the building’s suitability for credit is reflected in the report.

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