Augmentation On Sales House Prices Has Been 1,2%

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The Prices of New Houses Has Increased 0,11% in March

While compared with the previous month the prices in March have augmented 0,11% but when we compare it with the previous years’ March data it can be said that it has augmented %2,64 and when compared with the data of January 2010 we can see that there is a rise of 74,70%. Once again we can see that according to the 2017 March data, in the Asian part of İstanbul the housing projects had increased 0,06% while in the European part they had increased 0,16% in terms of price.


Sales Rate to Foreigners Was 6%

6% percent of the sales seen in housing project were done to foreigner investors. In 2017 March the sales done with the foreigner investors had increased around 10% when compared with the previous months.

There Is an Augmentation in the Sales of Houses with Wide Scope

When compared with the previous months, there is an increasement of 0,29% in one plus one(1+1) houses, 0,11% in one plus two houses(1+2), 0,23% is seen in three plus one houses(3+1) and lastly 0.40% is seen in four plus one houses(4+1). It is obvious that the houses about 50-75 square meter decreased 0,18% while houses around 75-100 square meter had increased 0,24%. We can also say that the sales of houses bigger than 100 and above square meter had also increased rather than diminish. It should not be forgotten that these data are according to 2017 March.

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