Available And Virtual Office Concept İs Changing With Workland

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WorkLand was formed at Eclipse Maslak Business with the investments of Chief Executive Officer Serhan Çetinsaya. The project aims to bring a new understanding of office use and working styles in Turkey. WorkLand has 44 different work areas, ranging from 10 to 52 square meters, with 3 meeting rooms and 300 square meters of common areas. The necessary conditions are meticulously applied to maintain maximum daily productivity.

Private internet, 24/7 office use, reception service, kitchen and laundry facilities, parking, daily cleaning, private secretary, secretarial service in foreign languages, fiber internet services, security, cargo reception, air conditioning, meeting rooms, common areas are  no extra charge is paid. There is no charge for dues, water, electricity and withholding. At WorkLand, consulting, concierge and catering services are offered to office users. WorkLand, which has created a customer portfolio from new entrepreneurs to corporate firms, draws attention with its central location.


The project, located within walking distance of the metro and public transportation, is Maslak. WorkLand Chief Executive Officer Serhan Çetinsaya stated that they aimed to bring together people from different professions and provide an efficient working environment. He said that the WorkLand project has shown great interest to the individual users as well as the companies. No extra charge is paid except for the rental fee. He said virtual office service is also in our project and In all our offices we offer these services, rents start at 1,995 TL. Our goal is to bring our members to the free office environment they want.

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