Bad News For Those Looking For A Home By Project Schools

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The TEOG Exam was abolished. A new arrangement was made to replace the exam. As a result of this arrangement, everyone will settle in schools close to home. It just did not affect your education. The real estate sector is also influenced by this business. Prices around good schools have increased. Everyone wants to move their houses near good schools . Everyone wants own child to study in a good school. Therefore, different ways were applied. People are trying to do '' move residence '' and '' show different addresses ''. In this way, they aim to be close to the schools.


The TEOG Exam was abolished. A new explanation was made. According to this statement, measures were taken for neighborhood migration. Let me talk about this measure. It is envisaged that at least 6 months must be provided for residence in order to settle in a place. Thanks to this condition, it is thought that the neighborhood migration will be blocked a little. A commission is also planned. This commission will deal with the situation of students who can not get up any school. Students will choose 5 school. This commission will be dealt with students who can not settle any of these preferences.

In addition, there will be schools to take students by examinations. The number of these schools is known as 600. These schools have not been determined yet. National Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz announced that central examination will be made for entrance to some 600 schools, science college, social sciences and project schools. In addition, new measures will be taken to prevent neighborhood migrations. Arrangements will be made to prevent location changes for the school and to prevent you from showing different addresses. Various penalties will apply.

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