Bağcilar Offers Residents The Convenience Of Real Estate Value Certificate

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The document known as fair value certificate or title deed is of great importance for real estate sector in Turkey. This document formally proving that the estate that you have bought is your property. Istanbul is an extremely large city with a dense population ratio. The population of the city is approaching 17 million of people during the day. As a result, all the state institutions in the city are working very hard. The real estate price certificate of the real estate is possible to get only through the works carried out jointly with the title and cadastral directorates and notaries in the borders of the Turkish republic.


Bağcılar municipality continues to increase the living facilities of its people every day. With the studies done in the context of these projects, Bağcılar municipality makes it possible to get title documents with online systems. The e-government system is used to get this document. Thanks to the system, the person may to receive and the person may to sell. System can benefit from this service by connecting to the system via the internet. However, it is not possible for foreign nationals; they cannot to benefit from this system yet. In order to access the system, you must be a citizen of Turkey Republic. Dual citizens need to have citizenship numbers to access the system. Foreign nationals will be able to continue to use the current title system. Also, the use of the old system is still open without e-government.

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