Bahçeşehir Park Housing Project

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The Bahçeşehir Park project, which has been passed on by the Atmaca Group, is being built in Bahçeşehir near Istanbul, Europe. The Bahçeşehir Park project, which is located adjacent to the Bahçeşehir Pond, rises to two blocks, 17 and 18 floors.


The Bahcesehir Park Atmaca project has a total of 164 houses and 100 street stores. All of the apartments in the project were designed as 4 rooms and 1 living room. The size of the apartments was designed as 187 square meters. It is envisaged that the apartment deliveries will be made in September 2017 in Bahçeşehir Park project with 400 acres of green area. Park Street, where 100 stores are located, has culture-arts, banks, eating-drinking and general shopping areas.


The Bahçeşehir Park project, which is built on a land area of ​​22,300 square meters, is located at Bahçeşehir College, the TEM, the planned subway line, the 3rd Bridge connection roads and the 3rd airport.

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