Banks Do Not Give A Straight Loan

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Borsa Istanbul Chairman Himmet Karadağ emphasized that the banking sector should be directed towards the use of securities

Borsa Istanbul Chairman Himmet Karadağ, said that by the end of 2018, they are aiming to realize the public offering of the Borsa Istanbul with a size of 1 billion dollars. Karadağ said in the meeting that he met with the economy press, that the date was 2017 before but then it was taken to 2018. On this delay, Karadağ who saying that nasdaq and the operations of Feto were effective, also announced that they could take this date forward and will not step back.


Banks do not give a straight loan!

Karadağ emphasizes that the financial system which focuses on the banking sector, should be directed to the stock market and capital markets and to the use of securities and said that they have been working closely with Turkish Bankers Association and other capital market institutions.

Karadağ “We want the banks to: Do not give a straight loan. Turn a project into securities. Whether it is a project financing bond or a securities based asset. Once the financing has been realized, the bank will not only get credit in the hands of the securities, but that securities can be bought and sold in the stock market in Turkey or international second hand markets. This provide to share risk and the opportunity with large amounts of mass. Second, according to the fluctuations in the financial system, that risk can be shared with the entire financial system.” said.

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