Bargaining Is The Key

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In big cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, invester landlords are choosing the easy path of low pricing for instant income. As a result of this, it seems like an opportunity for tenants which wants to live in safe and nice buildings. After the increase of supply that took place in the market, landlords are not giving raises on rents for not to lose their tenants.

Istanbul Is The Leader

It’s difficult to find a tenant as well as being a landlord in Istanbul nowadays. In the mega-city where the lowest housing value is based on the limit of 200.000 liras, those who dream of getting rent income from this money, can not rent from the desired value.

Giving keys one after another of the houses that were launched 2-3 years ago is the reason. Price of the rents in the 1+0 type apartments starting with 500-550 liras now and prices has started to decrease in the areas where the transportation routes are not concentrated.

Rents Have Came To A Deadlock

A tenant who paid  1000 TL rent for an apartment of 100 square meters last year is signing a contract with the same owner over 1000 TL again or 1050 TL tops this year. There is also an effect of the increase in the portfolio of the real estate agents on the deadlock of rent values. Last years 1000 TL rents of 1+1 type apartments in Avcilar Ispartakule district decreased down to 850 TL.

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