Barter is Back, Real Exchange Companies is Given Apartman Instead Of Money

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In the last period ” barter method ” is used in payments. Real estate agent can not pay real estate debts and they gives apartment to payee a  for your debts.

Ilhan Trading founder Rahmi Cuhacı made statements abaout barter method. He said: ‘Real estate companies are buying materials for term.  When the day of the Vaden came and needed to pay the checks, they pay debt to payee with apartment. The largest maturities became concrete. For example, the debt is 5 trillion but the value of the apartments is 10 trillion. Real estate companies demand concrete for the remaining 5 trillion parts. This payment method has also affected other sectors. In short, this process turns into a vicious cycle.’


Trading is done by barter system in all sectors in recent times. First seen in the real estate company ‘Offer housing instead of repaying the surplus from the valley’ spread to other sectors along with the contraction of the market. The reason for this slowdown in demand in the real estate market. Thus, barter companies emerged. General Manager of Garanti Barter explained bartner system. He said: ‘We are receiving food service from a catering company for a packaging company. The packaging company produces packaging for a ceramic company. The ceramic company meets the ceramic needs of the real estate company. On the other hand, we buy housing from the real estate company and give it to the catering company.’


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