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Besides the advantage of Basaksehir's location, the value will rise with new investments. Basaksehir Mayor Yasin Kartoğlu stated that they would pass the life of projects in transportation, sports, health and cultural area in the region. He explained the values ​​that made Basaksehir one step ahead of other provinces: "Basaksehir is the greenest district of Istanbul. One step ahead with the ease of transportation is the province that will benefit most from the railed systems in Istanbul. Significant advantages of hosting the İkitelli Organize Sanayi region and forming the district where the biggest city hospital of Europe will be located. Basaksehir, which has a regular urbanization process due to its new establishment, is the biggest province of Istanbul. There is a technology and life center where the innovative ideas of the Olympic Games, where facilities for Olympics can be held in sports, are located. "



Basaksehir, known for its large green areas like Basaksehir Sular Valley and Bahçeşehir Pond Project, is one of the greenest districts of Istanbul with 105 parks as well as sports and promenade areas offered to the public in Şamlar Forest areas. Another huge park of 1.5 million square meters is being constructed by TOKI in Kayabaşı. With the Kayapark and the green areas to be added to the area, the district will have a second valley project like the famous Waters Valley. The amount of green space per person in Başakşehir is above the European standards of 13 percent, "he said.


President Kartoglu said that Basaksehir, which opened to the north via the Marmara Highway, Trakya Highway, TEM Road and the 3rd Bridge Road, is on its way to becoming one of the cities where traffic problems are not experienced with wide connection routes and viaducts.

The construction of the viaducts and connection roads between Basaksehir and Kayaşehir is continuing rapidly and Kartoğlu said, "I have completed all of our viaducts; It will be very easy to reach the TEM Road, the 3rd Airport and the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. "

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