Başyazıcı Group from Kayseri in Istanbul Costruction Sector

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Real Estate sector has been augmented every day in Istanbul. There are some important factors lie behind this vitality. Undoubtedly, the most important factor is  new firms in the sector. Now, the new firm is Başyazıcı Group from Kayseri which is in Istanbul Costruction Sector. They are famous for food, stockfarming, textile and retail trades. They entered the Istanbul construction sector from Anatolia side of Istanbul, Maltepe.

Başyapıt Dragos

The name of the project is Başyapıt Dragos which is a kind of boutique project. there are 150 residence with the choices of 1+0, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 in the project. It will comes into existence with 25 fold and two blocks. The size of the residence changes from 50 square meters to 250 square meters. With convenient style, the project especially includes entertainment and game squares with theme.


When you look at the location of the project, it is really unique. In one side you can see Adalar sight and in the other side green Dragos Hill. Undoubtedly, whoever get any residence from here, he will also get unmatched sight together.

Professional Teamwork in Başyapıt Dragos

Başyazıcı Group composes very professional team for their projects. They employ very famous architechts in the project. The architechts design attentive social installations. Another part of the team is the administration of residence. It was also from a professional administration firm. It will also serve customer focused quality service. We can see easily in a few moment, the project will be so popular.

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