Be Beware of Cheap House Fraud on the Internet!

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Be Beware of Cheap House Fraud on the Internet!

Hundreds of people who paid money under the name of 'deposit' were found to have complained to the fraudsters' accounts after they were caught by attractive advertisements given over the internet.

Istanbul Cyber ​​Crime Branch teams started to work by identifying people selling cars, houses or goods that advertise with attractive prices houses or vehicles with similar advertisements in their research.

Work started for similar ads

The police determined the IP address of a person allegedly fraudulent, who personally operated in his address in Ankara. IP address is owned and 2 people were taken into custody. Frauders usually get between 500 liras to thousand liras, and in high value houses and vehicles this amount is even higher. It is estimated that the value of the voucher is millions of liras. It was learned that the police started working for fraudsters with similar advertisements.

"They're always finding someone"

Advertiser Vildan Ay, the last survivor of the transfer of money to the deposit, wrote in his social media account;

"Such a fraud has been derived. In a good neighborhood, he's advertising a house in a pretty good condition. The price is being so cheap that you say ' I should never miss it '. You're clling the so-called owner, he is taking up the phone and saying : I'm out of town, I'm going to come on Friday, I have made appointments, call me on Friday, if it won’t be taken, then it is yours. The goal is to find someone who says, "Let me send you a deposit, give me the house." Someone like that comes out. The deposit is being sent out. The dialed phone is getting shut down. And that person can never be found again. "


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