Bergüzar Korel Is Preparing a Significant Exhibition

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Bergüzar Korel’s New Project on Breast Cancer

Bergüzar Korel is a successful actress in Turkey and she has many projects. She has done many films and movies so far and has showed her success in her works. At last, she starred in ‘Karadayı’. Now, Halit Ergenç’s wife Bergüzar Korel is getting prepared for a significant exhibition in order to draw attention to the early diagnosis of cancer via the support of the brand company of her. Pantene is her brand company.  Furthermore the early diagnosis of this type cancer is so much important that o many people should know about it. What is she doing and what is her aim?  The details are in our essay.

Bergüzar Korel is  getting prepared for a significant exhibition and for this purpose she photographed the strong women who survived from breast cancer. She undertook a social responsibility as a spokeswoman of the company to draw attention to the significance of early diagnosis of breast cancer. The project also supports the work of raising awareness about breast cancer.


Bergüzar Korel is getting prepared for a significant exhibition. The project also supports studies to create awareness on breast cancer and Pantene products will be sold in Migros with pink ribbon in order to contribute to Memeder. This project aims to draw attention to the breast cancer and has already attracted so much attention from the press and the people. After the project maybe husbands or boyfriends will convince their women to examine their breast.


In short, who is Bergüzar Korel? She is a successful actress and took part in many plays and short films. At the same time she took place at the State Theatre of Kuva-I Milliye. She worked with Susan Cane who is the coach of Nicol Kidman and Tom Hanks. Thanks for her contributions to the breast cancer.


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