Beyşehir İs Happy To Draw İn Second Stage TOKI Project

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Beyşehir District Governor Muzaffer Şahiner, Beyşehir Mayor Murat Özaltun, TOKİ Urban Renewal Office President Gürol Konyalıoğlu, AK Party District Chairman Mustafa Şenol, President of Association of Union Headmen Faruk Koçer, Chairman of Avşar District Governor Yasin Sümbül, Neighborhood headmen, parliamentary members and citizens attended.


Mayor Murat Özaltun, who came to the chair before the drawing of the draw, referred to the mass housing projects that were carried out until today with TOKİ in Beyşehir and planned to be passed on to the future. After coming to the request for the second housing mass housing project in Beyşehir, Özaltun started to work in TOKİ as a municipality and started to work quickly and reminded that the houses had started to rise rapidly and came to the present process. He said that the 469 cadres will have the possibility of mass housing in the district center.


Murat Özaltun emphasized that the TOKİ projects have seen the great support and contributions of the party organizations with the deputies Mehmet Babaoğlu and Konya from the district deputy, Gürol Konyalıoğlu, President of the Urban Renewal Office, Mr. TOKİ President M. Ergün Turan, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, To the planned mass housing project to be put into action. Murat Özaltun said that they had a great demand in this regard.


He said that the project will be spent around the New State Hospital, which is about to be completed. He also said that Murat Özaltun Project's plan renovations were made and that the TOKI work for Beylikehir in Beyşehir will start after the applications to be made in TOKI.

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