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Bill Gates, the founder of the US software company Microsoft, is struggling for a smart city project. According to information received, one of Gates' investment companies bought $ 80 million worth of land to build a new city in the US state of Arizona. It was announced that a 100 square-kilometer area of ​​intelligence purchased from the property investment firm Belmont Partners in Arizona would be built.


The city, which is planned to be built on an area of ​​about 100 square kilometers, will be named 'Belmont'. According to a description of a real estate investment group called Belmont Partners, Gates is setting up a 'smart city' in the region of interest. "Belmont will create a future-oriented society with communications and infrastructure supporting advanced technology, built with high-speed digital networks, new production technologies, distribution models and autonomous vehicles," Belmont Partners says.

From the Arizona Technology Council, Professor Ronald Schott explained that Gates's company is making a smart investment, saying that his estate is close to the new highway project that will link Belmont to Las Vegas.

The 'smart city' where you think about building will also be a space for testing and producing innovative technologies. The location is an urban highway that connects directly to Las Vegas. Such a central and important city going to and from the city will spontaneously grow and spread.

There will also be schools and private properties in the city, part of which will be allocated as offices, commercial activities and sales areas.

According to a statement made by Belmont Properties, a vacant lot will become a city with a flexible infrastructure model for a specific destination. There is nothing else in the location that has an important location and a lot of space. Due to the absence of any building, the city is able to be built in an entirely unique way. The smart city, which will be called the city of Melmont, has the potential to exploit the province.

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