BIST 100 Index is at its Highest Level in Stock Market Istanbul

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BIST 100 Index is increased by 0.44% and started the day by a historic record with 94.217,43 points in Stock Market İstanbul. BIST 100 index has risen 414, 62 points and reached the record! Banking Index is also increased by 0.40% and holding company index raised by 0.57%. The most earning index at the sector is tourism. (by 3.36%) The only regressive sector is IT Sector (by 0.24% decrease)

Risk appetite increased in global markets and as a result of this development; strong buying has been seen in the domestic share market. BIST 100 Index was profitable for the investors by the average percentage 2.62 last week and yesterday it reached 93.802,93 points; this is a record (highest level of all time)!


The New Goal is 95.000!

The analysts said that the goal is 95.000 points as technically in the short-term for BIST 100 Index. Also the medium-term goal for the index is explained; 100.000 points! Analysts stated that the domestic data flow is weak now and they announced that in abroad they will follow the S&P Corelogic Caseshiller 20 Cities Housing Sales data in ABD, the new housing sales data in March, Conference Board Consumer Confidence data in April and Richmand Fed manufacturing industry index data. The dollar based historic record is 51.070 points and according to this; the yield capacity continues. Despite the TL based record in market; the index is still at the low level by 26.000 points at the dollar-based.

Dollar is at the Lowest Level in last 2 Months

Dollar is at the lowest level by 3.5700 TL in Asia markets and started as horizontal line. This is the lowest level in the last 2 months.



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