Brand Cities Will Exist With Urban Transformation

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In the Brand Cities Summit Meeting which has been coordinated in order to increase branding cities’ contribution to Turkish Economy, Ceylan Construction’s CEO Muammer Ceylan said “ We can create a brand country which includes brand cities with the help of essential investments, urban transformation projects and smart infrastructure systems in 2023.”

The meeting which has been held in Istanbul, has brought companies which has brand strength and value together. In the meeting during which economic policies being carried out at the territorial, national and local levels have been discussed, Muammer Ceylan has stated that ‘brand city phenomenon’ is an essential development model. He also stated that most of the cities in Turkey, especially Istanbul, have the potential to get ahead of the country in which they are located. New brand cities may arise from the completion of required infrastructure works.

All We Need Is A Good Cover

Muammer Ceylan who remarks that branding cities primarily increases tourism revenue, also underlined the fact that each brand city in other developed countries attracts approximately 35-50 million tourists while this number is almost equal to the number of tourist come to the whole Turkey per year. He also said that we could not hype Turkey up well enough but now it is the time. With the new brand cities, we can fill this gap and contribute to Turkish economy.

When all the riches Istanbul has for throughout history is taken into account Istanbul has fell a bit behind of its competitors. During branding process, urban transformation policies are also very essential. Megacity of our country, Istanbul, is also going through a process of innovation. On the one hand there are some mega projects such as a new airport, a new bridge and subways which is waiting to become real on the other hand it is aimed to transform 6.5 million house as a part of urban transformation by 2023.

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