Branded House Concept in Basaksehir Grows Rapidly

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Licensed appraiser of EVA Real Estate Valuation, Esra Ersonmez states that Basaksehir is becoming a city within the city.

While saying that Basaksehir, which includes Ispartakule, Kayasehir and Bahcekent, goes on developing thanks to the mega investment projects such as North Marmara Motorway, Canal Istanbul, 3rd Bridge and giant city parks, also states that population has also started increasing thanks to the community buildings which have started being constructed in 1995. More than the half of the local community population lives in community buildings.

Ersonmez, who says that majority of the ‘house for sale projects’ throughout the county are planned by TOKI, Emlak Konut and Kiptas, states that the square meter prices in Basaksehir have also increased. Ersonmez, who says that attention of private sector in the area has increased thanks to 60.000 houses project by TOKI, states that Kayasehir project is a model for lots of other areas thanks to its organized structuring.

Ersonmez also says that demand for hotels is also expected to increase after new projects and investments.

Ersonmez, who states that there is a rapid growth in branded houses in Basaksehir, also says, based on the information gathered by TUIK; that the total number of housing stock is 18.265, the number of available housing stock is 12.634. She also5.991 houses are planned to be completed by the end of 2017. Ersonmez, who says that 9.044 houses have been sold in Basaksehir in 2015, also states that this number is equal to 4 % of the total number of the houses which have been sold in Istanbul.

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