Branded Residential Development Is Fast In Başakşehir

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EVA Real Estate Appraisal Licensed Appraiser Esra Ersönmez says Başakşehir arrival in the city becoming city


Ispartakule, Kayaşehir and field Başakşehir into Bahçekent, 3 Airport, Canal Istanbul, the North Marmara Motorway, 3. Bridge mega investment projects such as giant city park with Ersönmez indicating that continuous development, in 1995 the increase in Esenyurt population with housing construction begun he said starting. More than half of the people residing in public housing.


Across the county housing projects for sale of majority Toki, Real Estate and Ersönmez said developed by Kiptaş 3-4 years ago 2 thousand of Esenyurt price per square meter sailing under $ noting that 6 thousand – seven thousand TL rises. 60 thousand houses TOKI project Ersönmez said the increased interest of the private sector with the region, with a regular pattern of construction project, noting that it Kayaşehir example to many places.


2652 beds, 11 specialized hospitals will complete the city campus is located and Ersönmez said it would take part in the planned areas in the population who are the future, with new projects and investments, it said it expected to increase the demand for hotels.


Branded located in Başakşehir Ersönmez indicating a rapid increase of housing bin 18 of the total housing stock, according to Turkstat 265, he says that the current housing stock of 12 thousand 634 and scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017, 5 thousand 991 homes. In 2015 Ersönmez said Basaksehir 9 thousand 44 units sold, he said that this number is 4 per cent of total housing sales in Istanbul.

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