Building Confidence Index

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Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) has published confidence indices of various sectors. These indices, refers to the level of reliability of the sector they belong to. Confidence levels depend on many variables. These variables are obtained from the basic data of the sector. They are therefore extremely reliable value.


These values can be estimated on the future thanks to industry. It may be able to evaluate the investment and employment data. This data is carefully determined for the most important industries or sectors and will be followed. Located between these sectors, for the construction industry, these data are published. According to recently published data, reduced confidence in the construction sector it can be said.


Construction sector is very large volumes. Replace the classical structure of the building has modern buildings. All buildings are modern and functional new era. General and manufacturing both large employment opportunities in the sales area is concerned.


But recently announced is a sign of negative sentiment index compared to the previous year for all these issues. Recently announced the construction sector confidence index compared to the previous month was about 1.4 percentage points lower. Associated with the sector index of 81.43 was described as a predictor of negative data. And a decrease in the number of employees expected to decrease in the amount of orders index was expressed as the main reason for the fall.


Although the assessment was reduced confidence in the construction sector data, the sector still has significant potential. Potential order records in accordance to the data of about 2.7%, employment forecasts are reduced by approximately 1%. This data is reliable and important for everyone involved in the sector.


According to the confidence index announced of TSI, reduced confidence in the construction sector as 81,43 points. This value was 82.82 in 2016’s February.

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