Building Demolitions Begins in the Akdeniz

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The destruction of some buildings in the city center was started by the Akdeniz Municipality Directorate of Science and Technology. The reason for the demolition process is that these buildings are a danger to safety. When the buildings to be demolished are examined, it can be seen that they are very old and rotten faced buildings. From the aesthetic point of view, these buldings have a negative effect on the city center.


Investigations on which buildings to demolish and investigations were carried out by the Building Control Department during the year. The buildings identified as the result of the investigations and the potential dangerous buildings were reported to the municipality. It is reported that the number of buildings in this area is around 150.

An inspection commission was also established by the municipality regarding the examination of the buildings. The Commission has inspected the buildings specified by the Building Control Directorate and determined the buildings to be demolished as soon as possible. 30 buildings were decided to be demolished in an emergency. The unexpected collapse of buildings is a serious danger to the people living in the environment. The municipality immediately began managing the demolition process to prevent a possible accident.

The teams working under the direction of the Directorate of Science Affairs of Akdeniz Municipality managed to demolish a dangerous building on Yenimahalle, Street 5127, in a controlled manner. Akdeniz Mayor Muhittin Pamuk said that the work will continue at full speed. In response to the demands and complaints from citizens, it was reported that the inspections regarding the demolition of the buildings were going to continue.

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