“Building trade will gather high speed in 2016.”

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According to CEO of one of Building Company Başar Karcıoğlu who expects gathering speed in sales of house and office for some reasons such as arising of deferred demands in 2016, resulting of elections, being supplied of political power again and building trade will gather high speed in upcoming period.


Despite of negative effects of rise in exchange rate of dollar, political uncertainty and having two elections etc. to estate sales, representatives of realty sector wait in hope for 2016 still. With such reasons as arising of deferred demands in 2016, resulting of elections, being supplied of politicial power again,etc. CEO of one of the Building Company Başar Karcıoğlu is one the names who expect gathering spees in sales. Karcıoğlu thinks that sector will gather high speed by reminding that 40 thousands and 713 house were sold in 2015 January-October according to TÜİK (Turkish Statistical Institute)’s datum.


The young CEO of one Building Company that has a 66-year successful past puts why they are hopeful for 2016 this way: “ If Mortgage Law gains a total functionality, bank rates in mortgage loan can decrease to 0.60-0.70 percent per month. So, it will be a weight of recipients’ shoulders. In addition, interest of foreigners to property market is on the nail, too. This information made the year 2015 valuable. First of Cityscape Turkey which will meet Turkey realty sector with global investors will happen in 2016 in İstanbul. This exposition will give chance to domestic investors for cooperation with foreign investor. I think deferred demands will step in and economic stability will go on by resulting of elections this year. Sector will breathe easier if new government paves the way of investments; minimalize the bureaucracy and reform in housing legislation.”


Başar Karcıoğlu who emphasizes that investment for housing becomes more lucrative and rational day by day stated that first time the number of sold houses all across the Turkey 12.4 percent increased according to the previous year. Karcıoğlu who stated that 1 million 289 thousands was sold in 2015 said that “According to the TÜİK (Turkish Statistical Institute)’s datum, İstanbul is the number one with 239 thousands 767 sold house. İstanbul is followed by Ankara with 146 thousands 537 sold houses and by İzmir with 77 thousands 796 sold houses. Also, we brought a breath of fresh air to İzmir with the new buildings we did. This year we have three main goals: Completing The Chesme Executive which is shaped with 66-year old experience of Kar Building Company and high quality standards, twelve-storey Park Inn Raddison Hotel of which every details are designed selectively and The Building Company which is candidate for being most famous trade center of İzmir with its technological hardware and modern architecture. The Chesme Executive which is in Çeşme Boyalık Cove is a very special project. It comprises of 24 life units which have different options. This project which we designed as beachside for limited number of family will reflect both elegant soul and charm of Çeşme.

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