‘Buy Now And Pay In 2019 Campaign For Housing’ Campaign!

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Branded housing producers are preparing for a major campaign in September so that rising interest rates do not affect sales. According to the new campaign, bank payments will start in 2019. The down payment may also be reduced to 5 percent on some projects. Households from the finished project will receive rent for 1.5 years without paying the loan.

It Will Start In Mid-september

After the July 15 coup attempt, Real Estate Housing REIT started the campaign with the third place in the campaign mobilization. This time the pioneering Real Estate Housing will not. It is planned that the campaign will start in September, with the participation of real estate housing contractor construction companies.


The New Campaign Will Start Paying Loans In 1.5 Years

Targeted to make more tenants homeowners, consumers may be homeowners with 20 percent down payment, with a minimum of 5 percent. The remaining amount will be credited through agreed banks and the loan payments will start for the last 1.5 years.

The loan, which will be withdrawn from the contracted banks, will begin to be paid almost once the houses are delivered. If you buy a house from a project close to the test, you will even have a chance to rent the house.


A 15 Percent Discount Will Be Applied To The Payment In Cash

The campaign, which will start in September, will receive a 15 percent discount on cash purchases. The campaign will last about 2 months. Finansbank, Akbank, Yapı Kredi and Vakıf Participation have already received support from the campaign. Support from other banks is also expected. The third housing campaign mobilization will not be clear yet which companies will be included.


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