Canakkale 2015 Bridge increased the Prices in the Area

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The new project made Canakkale much more attractive city; as a result of this development the housing prices in Canakkale increased. Canakkale 1915 Bridge is going to connect Lapseki and Gelibolu districts in Canakkale. Prices in both of the districts are increased by this situation. Canakkale Bridge will be the first bridge of the Hellespont. Bridge will also be the 5th draw bridge of the Marmara Region. Canakkale became an attraction point after this project in Canakkale.


Increase in Housing Prices for Sale and Rent

Real Estate Index March 2017 was explained. According to the data in March; an increase in housing prices for sale and rent in Lapseki and Gelibolu districts has recorded. The number of page views of the lands in the region has been examined. The report stated that there is a price increase of 47% in Gelibolu and also a price increase of 54% in Lapseki. The results are valid for the last year. Real Estate Index March 2017 stated that in the last 3 years the rental housing prices increased 71% and became 721 TL as average in Gelibolu. Also there are some data for the sale prices of the housings in Gelibolu. The prices of the housing for sale increased 55% and now it is average level of 183.792 TL.

A Price Increase of 54% in Lapseki

Canakkale 2015 Bridge project also affected the housing prices in Lapseki. In the last 3 years, the rental prices increased 54% and now the average price is 577 TL. The prices of the housings for sale increased 121%! Now, the average price is 229.514 TL.


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