Cancellation Mobilization At International Fairs

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Citiyscape Turkey 2017 has been delayed due to increased security concerns and uncertainties in Turkey’s most important international real estate conferences. In addition, MIPIM, one of the world’s largest real estate fairs, will be held in Istanbul for the first time this year, but due to security problems, the fair was recently canceled. The participation of companies from Turkey in the years before the world’s largest real estate conglomerates, and the MIPIM fair to be held in Cannes, France on 14-17 March, this year’s participation in Turkey dropped to the lowest level in the last 5 years.


After the July 15 coup attempt, the real estate sector, which declared mobilization at home and campaigned, launched a second ‘Power Union’ campaign at home in early February. Despite campaigning, the desired success could not be achieved in order to dissolve housing sales in stocks. Particularly with foreign buyers in 2016, it almost gave up investing in the Turkish market. Increasing security concerns have begun to show that Turkish property developers are not participating in international organizations abroad due to increased foreign exchange rates, costs and cuts in Turkey’s appetite for foreigners, as foreign real estate companies do not participate in organizations in Turkey because of terrorist attacks. The second Cityscape Turkey, which was held for the first time in Turkey last year and where nearly 60 companies from Turkey, Europe and the Gulf countries participated, was canceled for days.

Avi Alkaş, President of Alkaş, which is the representative of MIPIM in Turkey, stated that the planned organization of MIPIM Turkey was delayed in September this year and said “Unfortunately, it was not because of recent terrorist incidents”

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