Channel Has Reached Final Agreement In Istanbul

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 The channel is of great importance for the Istanbul and for Turkey republic. Because an alternative sea transportation route is needed in the city that connects the Asia and the European continents. For this reason, a special study is being done for the channel Istanbul project, which is called as a hundred-year project. The entry and exit points are of great importance, especially the route that the channel will open. Because the channel will have a great privilege for future life and investment. From this point of view, the business world is already working to purchase land in the province of Istanbul and prepare housing projects. But everything is hidden with special care by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism.


Large İnvestment Opportunity Will Emerge

There are 5 transit points in the Channel Istanbul project which will be a secret for a while. But the points are hidden so that high prices and monopolization can be avoided. According to the official statement made by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism, all the transition points will be determined shortly and the project will come out with all the details in the next year. However, natural habitats and water resources are carefully protected along the route of the channel. It was also announced that measures were taken to ensure that low-income citizens, who have carefully selected routes, can become resident in this region. Foreign investors also have the opportunity to live and invest in the region.


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