Chief of Stock Market:We May Carry Forex to The Stock Market

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The chief of the Borsa Istanbul; Himmet Karadağ made important explanations related to the new Forex Arrangment, closed boards and the borsa investor with code-named “Herif!”

The Capital Markets Board made some arrangements for the Forex Market at February 2017. Karadağ said;


“There were 2 kinds of Forex investors when the dollar exchange rate changed; 1) The businessman who hedges the exchange rate risk 2) The ones who do not know anything about hedging. We will increase the product variety by the demands of the business world and the intermediary institutions. We will work and evaluate the alternatives which also include the possibility of the carrying Forex to the Borsa.” Himmet Karadağ also said that the available product designer is very important related to the demand and Borsa İstanbul can open the options or future contracts appropriate with the demand.

Herif” is not a Criminal Situation

Himmet Karadağ explained that they are following the suspicious transactions instantly. The transactions are made as algorithmic or by computers. The Borsa investor by the code-named “Herif” is ordering via HFT. By this method, he makes buying or selling until the classic investors understand what is going on…There is no capital market crime on his transactions.

The Closed Boards affect The Investors Negatively

Himmet Karadağ, also give information about the Closed Boards. He said that they closed the boards of the many firms which publicly offered in 2011. The stock investors affected negatively related to this situation. Karadağ said: “We need right and reliable products in such a market.”


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