City Hospitals Increase Land and Housing Value

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City Hospitals increased the real estate prices of some cities in Anatolia. With the expiration of the tender of hospitals and the expulsion of the foundations, the prices of the surrounding arteries are valued at least twice.


Turkey's public-private partnership (PPP) model, developed by the Ministry of Health, hampers the city's hospitals and this move has enthralled the real estate market of some cities in Anatolia. Even the throwing of the bases of the hospitals was an important opportunity to renovate these cities structurally, while bringing up increases in land prices in the Anatolian cities. It is expected that this move of city hospitals in real estate will shift branded housing producers to other parts of Anatolia outside Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa.



City hospitals, which are in the forefront of modern architecture, are creating positive opportunities for restructuring the places they are in. The old buildings in the vicinity of the hospital leave the places with modern constructions.

City hospitals, which are now located like private hospitals and which contain many departments, are also attracted to the citizens of the environment for treatment purposes. The first signs of this were seen in hospitals like Isparta City Hospital which came into service in March. This will necessitate the presence of an important building stock here in the coming years.



The prices of the city hospitals have doubled since the foundations of the city hospitals have been made. For example, in Eskisehir, unit prices per square meter was up to 3,500 TL. On the other hand, contractors who have been living in the area have already begun to increase their floor permission, which is 2 floors.

Makbule Yönel Maya, General Manager of TSKB Real Estate Appraisal, stated that generally the health fields and public buildings are located in the area where Ankara Etlik City Hospital is located. "When the prices are considered, the sales in the range of 4 thousand to 4 thousand 500 TL in 2016, has risen to 5 thousand liras". Maya said that the construction of the hospital, which started in 2015, would be completed in 2018.


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