Cityscape Fair: Why invest in Turkey?

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Cityscape Fair: Why invest in Turkey?

This year, the famous real estate fair Cityscape is held in Istanbul, Turkey. With support from Hürriyet Newspaper, a panel with the title “Why invest in Turkey?” is organized, which arouse a huge interest in real estate sector. Panel’s opening speeches came from Hürriyet Newspaper Executive Board Member Zeynep Tandoğan and Beyoğlu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan.

New skyscrapers under construction are pictured in Istanbul April 10, 2015. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan dreams of transforming Istanbul into a financial hub that can rival Dubai or Singapore, but first he needs to win over would-be investors. Market participants say interest from small investors is on the wane, thanks to higher fees and as new flotations fail to spark interest. That's bad news for an exchange that relies on retail investors for much of its liquidity. It also raises questions about the viability of the government's drive to make Istanbul a global top-10 financial hub. Picture taken April 10, 2015. REUTERS/Murad Sezer

Panel’s moderator was Hurriyet Economy Vice Manager Sadi Özdemir. Speaker list included professionals regarding the sector such as GYODER board of management member Ersun Bayraktaroğlu, Economist Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin, Abraaj Director Mehmet Kalay, DD Mortgage General Manager Murat Aysan. It is highlighted that invesments in Turkey will be profitable in near future.

This is a panorama of the Levent and Zincirlikuyu District in Istanbul, Turkey.

For the first time Cityscape fair was in Istanbul and according to Zeynep Tandoğan, these fair occaions will be repeated in order to show people of interest that invesments in Turkey will be profitable and sustainable. It is explained in the panel that real estate is the locomotive of Turkey’s economy and still open for improvement and development.


People are welcomed to Turkey for invesments, because Turkey is a strong country where long term invesments can be made. Real estate sector leaders were also supporting the panel, included Ağaoğlu Company Group, Siyahkalem Construction, Kuzu Group, Varyap and Gap Construction Partnership and many more.


Regarding emerging economical improvements and of course as a touristic attraction site, invesments in Turkey will be profitable for sure. Turkey’s new construction invesments like 3. Airport are also important for the whole word, as Turkey is becoming a global logistics central.


In the panel some facts from World Bank and IMF reports are also shared, stating that in year 2050 Turkey will become world’s 12. or 14. biggest country. And in an improving country like Turkey, invesment profits will surely be tremendous and promising.

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