Cityscape Is in Istanbul For The First Time And Will be in Istanbul Again Next Year

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Especially famous for its property fair lasting fifteen years Cityscape was in Turkey for the first time.

After three days of fair, Cityscape will in Istanbul next year again. Cityscape is one of the important property investment platforms. With its activities in Gulf Countries Cityscape has been closely followed by Turkish building companies and it was in Istanbul for the first time after United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Qatar, South Korea, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. In 2012 Dubai, only 6 Turkish companies attained to the fair and 61 companies attended to the one in 2016 and market search met its demand.

Turkey has become a logical option to Gulf Countries since the right of premises was given without looking for any reciprocity. Cityscape, an England based Informa Exhibition label, has taken action to put Turkey’s potential forward. Telling that they want to be here in the right time Wouter Molman general manager of Cityscape, said that: “The fair was one of the most successful one and we thought as if we were here for a long time. We will be in Istanbul in 2017 once again.” Turkey’s potential supplies continuity for most of the countries.


We asked İsmail Sezen ISTexpo Fair General Manager about what criterions the foreigners in Cityscape Turkey look for in projects. We can summarize the mutual features that the investors from the Gulf Countries look for as the followings:

– Big square meters, if possible single-house, if not one flat at one floor or duplex options at high block.

-Rich facilities that can meet the social demands of all family members in the project borders.

-The ones with professional building management, well-cared and sustainable in rent income, and management projects.

-The ones with security, and observable control mechanisms

– The areas located near airports,

– The projects that are close to health facilities.

-The building close to university campuses for those whose children want to continue their high education in Turkey and with high quality in management facilities.


The anticipated 5 thousand of visitors’ number has been passed in Cityscape in which important 67 companies from England, Azerbaijani, North Cyprus, United Arab Emirates opened stand. Istanbul found an opportunity for hot sale with 6 thousand visitors joining from 60 different countries. The foreigner investors’ choices are first in Istanbul and then this is followed by Sapanca, Bursa, Yalova, Trabzon and the south beaches. The residing choice is at top in sales. Rental income and second-hand sales are on sale for investment purposes as well. %20 discounts in sales and discounts in interest rates made by the companies are among the criteria that affected hot sales. In Cityscape portfolio, about 3 thousand of target group has been got into contact with. The projects meeting the demands of costumers have been selected and the rendezvouses were arranged beforehand. The hotels located near Istanbul Convention Center were home to 800 rendezvouses of face to face. Shortly, the marketing started before the arrivals of the customers and if it is on demand, the process continued with all in one options like accommodation and visiting the project area. The result: Almost all of the customers were happy.

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