Classical Real Estate System Will End

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Among the services offered are: Purchase and sale and renting, mortgage loan transactions, insurance transactions, property management transactions, bill payments, infrastructure connection transactions. Remodeling and decoration and shipping services will soon come into play.

Önder Çelik ISTANBUL – Konya-based Aydın Holding, which operates in the real estate and construction sector, has established a new real estate chain called 'TGM Trend Real Estate'. TGM Trend Real Estate Board Chairman Muhammed Aydin said that the real estate sector in Turkey is only able to offer services for buying, selling and renting and said that they are the first and only franchise chains serving with the concept of "Real Estate Solution Center".


TGM Trend Real Estate General Manager Hakan Erilkun also stated that they are on the way to end the classical real estate concept and stated that "We have the ability to respond to all the needs of customers from insurance to infrastructure services, from credit usage to bill payment. This is a service that is not currently in Turkey yet. That's why we call entrepreneurial candidates to be ‘Real Estate Solution Centers’, not real estators. "


Telling that they reached 9 dealers till today, two in İzmir, two in Konya, one in Aydın, one in Eskişehir, two in Istanbul and one in Cyprus, Erilkun said that their year-end target is 25. Erilkun also stated that they take 40 thousand liras for the dealer name and expect 600 lira monthly from their dealer

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