Construction Of 7 Rail System Lines In Istanbul Continues

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Construction and preparation for the operation of new projects of railway lines in Istanbul continues according to schedule. Istanbul, as one of the most densely populated cities in Turkey, certainly needs to expand and increase the network of public transport.


The city authorities for the past few years have successfully implemented new projects related to the reconstruction and construction of new transport network facilities, and this project for the construction of 7 new railway lines is certainly on the list of the most sought-after and expected projects.


The commissioning of new railway lines will significantly reduce the burden on land transport, which in turn will relieve traffic and significantly reduce the number of traffic jams and hours spent in them. Moreover, the new railway lines will significantly reduce the time spent by passengers on the road. The new railway line will connect the city center with other areas, and the total length of the whole route will be no more than 60 minutes.

new-railway-linesAccording to the new routes, the journey time in the following directions will be: Umraniye – Taksim 30 minutes, Umraniye – Ataturk Airport 58.5 minutes, Chekmekoy – Topkapi 45.5 minutes, Balarbashi – Sirkeci 9 minutes, Uskudar – Chekmekoy 26 minutes, Dudullu – Taksim 39 minutes, Umraniye – Uskudar 13.5 minutes.

It is also reported that the construction of railway lines will affect housing prices. Turkish real estate market experts suggest that housing prices, which are close to the stations of new railway lines, will increase significantly.

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